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Our company was started by our founder, with a very small investment and few people. We have today grown because of our sincere commitment, dedication and hard work which ensured that we were able to fully satisfy our customers with our high quality products & services. We have a qualified team to handle each and every department to make our product & service stand out in the market place.

Inspite of competition, we have a large customer base using our products & services. The reason being, we don´t compromise on our quality, pricing and timely delivery. The quality we provide our customer and our pricing is unbeatable. Also we ensure that we always deliver our products on time.

As an organization we continue to work hard so that we can grow to be a much bigger company so that we can serve more & more customers and also to become a very respectable company in the society.

Our company was founded by a visionary with the objective of creating a truly world class company that is fully committed to offering the best products and services to this market. The vision from the very beginning was to make a difference by genuinely helping customers by providing them a much better value for money and follow it up with an excellent after sales support. For us money & profit has always been only byproduct and never the main objective.

We have crossed many mile stones in our journey. It is just not the awards & the financial figures that we consider as our mile stones, but it is the very many customers whom we were able to fully stratify that form our key mile stones. Some of our important customers include the industry leaders who chose us after a very careful evaluation and we have been able to exceed their expectations resulting in customer delight.

Our first customer is still our customer and it has been the same with all our customers! We always look for a win­win relationship which is one of the reasons why we have long term relationship with all our customers

If you would like to know more about our company please feel free to contact us.

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Vendiamo sia al dettaglio che all'ingrosso articoli di abbigliamento per uomo e donna, capi casual o eleganti, trendy o basici, insomma per tutti i gusti e tutte le necessità.
Inoltre effettuiamo la vendita di indumenti di lavoro per estetista, parrucchiere, medici, infermieri, camerieri, baristi, cuochi e tutti coloro che operano nei pubblici esercizi.
Forniamo aziende, agenzie di eventi, catering and banqueting, alberghi, hotel, sale bingo, ristoranti etc etc.
Effettuiamo vendite all'ingrosso per altri operatori del settore, vendite di stock a prezzi affare per alcuni articoli.
Sono sempre disponibili grossi quantitativi per la maggior parte degli articoli in vendita.
Trattiamo anche una linea di abbigliamento ed articoli di anti infortunistica a norme.

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