Modulo Di Stampa Base Come Da Preventivo Fatto

Basic printing module as per the estimate made


First, you contact us via email or phone, explain your needs, then send us via email the number of items to be customized, your logo or text, with the width and height measurements you want to print, and the font if available. With all this data, we prepare a quote for the printing and inform you about it.


How does it work?

For example, if the cost of printing a logo is 6.00 euros, we will ask you to purchase 6 printing modules. The prices of printing may vary depending on the number of prints, dimensions, and complexity of the design.

Usually, the cost for printing on a garment is 6 euros, so it's 6 modules per garment.

For small quantities, we use a stamping method called transfer printing.

The positive aspect of transfer printing is that there are no graphic constraints. Shades, fades, transparencies, maximum definition of details are not a problem. Maximum print area is 40 x 60 cm. It is wash-resistant and has a soft touch.

The same method can be used to create prints from cut vinyl.

What is Transfer Printing?

This type of printing is done through heat pressure, which allows the transfer of an image, a design, or text from a support to the fabric.
This technique is fast and durable, has low costs, and does not require special processes. The only precaution is the temperature of the heat press, which should not be too high to avoid compromising the fabric's integrity.
Our printing department is able to print with transfer technique on any type of synthetic fabric with extreme precision and delicacy.

This system allows for precise reproduction of designs with intricate details, shades, on a wide range of materials.

Through transfer printing, items like name badges, hats, and t-shirts are customized.
But also sports bags, tracksuits, and work clothes, maybe with the company logo or sponsor on a shirt.

The uses are varied: since no cliché is required, it is also convenient for individual pieces, such as commemorative gadgets for an event.

The production costs obviously depend on the size and characteristics of the print, as well as the number of items to be customized.

From order to shipment, it may take 7-10 days for the printing to be completed.

All customized items must be paid for when ordering. Cash on delivery is not possible.

All customized items cannot be replaced or returned.

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