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Chef Cotton Checkered Pants with Elastic Waistband Q32


Well-made article at a competitive cost, made of cotton and specifically designed for the kitchen, so it is recommended for cooks, chefs, pizza makers, or bakers. Brand Giblor's

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Pantalone Plutone PDP Q8P00195

Product Information:
- drawstring and elastic waist for a better fit
- two comfortable French pockets, one on each side of the pants
- fabric: 100% cotton
- black and white checkered pattern
- available colors: white, black
- sizes: XS/42-44, S/46 M/48 L/50 XL/52-54 XXL/54-56 3XL/58-60 4XL/62 5XL/64
- fit: classic/relaxed
- suitable for: cooks, head chefs, chefs, pizza makers..

-Dry leg width
-weight 200 gr.
-100% cotton

We recommend pairing these pants with specific footwear. Features of this item:
-Elastic waistband
-drawstring or lace at the waist
-Most affordable in the industry
-Phenomenal quality/price ratio
-Sturdy but not heavy weight
-Classic fit
-Item specifically designed for the cook and kitchen sector
-Classic PDP pattern
-Practically goes with all jackets
-Unisex item
-Can be worn with a simple white T-shirt
-Dry leg width
-weight 200 gr.
-100% cotton

- Washing instructions

  • - washing: delicate in water
  • - temperature: max 60°
  • - bleach: only with chlorine products
  • - tumble dry: no
  • - ironing: max 150°C
  • - dry cleaning: also dry clean

The Pantalone Plutone PDP is a work garment carefully designed with attention to detail, offering a high-quality option at a competitive cost. Specifically created for the kitchen environment, these black and white checkered cotton pants are an excellent choice for professionals such as cooks, chefs, pizza makers, and bakers who desire a functional and stylish garment.

Main Features:

Elastic waistband and drawstring: The elastic waistband and drawstring ensure a comfortable fit adaptable to the wearer's needs. This detail contributes to a comfortable wearing experience even during long hours in the kitchen.

Convenient pockets: Featuring two French pockets on each side, these pants offer practicality for storing essential items or tools within easy reach.

High-quality material: The 100% cotton fabric ensures comfort and breathability, essential in a warm environment like the kitchen. The black and white checkered pattern, apart from providing a distinctive look, recalls the traditional style of the sector.

Wide range of sizes and colors: Available in various sizes, from XS to 5XL, these pants are designed to fit different body types. They come in both white and black colors, offering versatile choices for pairing.

Classic/relaxed fit: The classic or relaxed fit ensures great freedom of movement and comfort during work activities.

Wide dry leg: The dry leg design ensures an elegant and modern look, meeting current trends in professional attire.

Weight of 200 gr.: These pants have a weight of 200 gr/m², making them sturdy yet not overly heavy, suitable for kitchen use.

The Plutone PDP is particularly suitable for the following users:

Cooks: Cooks will appreciate the functionality and fit of these pants during long hours spent in the kitchen.

Chefs: Professional chefs will find the Plutone PDP a reliable and stylish option to complete their work uniform.

Pizza makers: For pizza makers, the comfort and practicality of these pants are essential to meet the demands of the kitchen.

Bakers: Bakers will appreciate the combination of comfort and style these pants offer.

The Pantalone Plutone PDP is a garment that stands out for its blend of functionality, style, and practicality, making it an excellent choice for culinary industry professionals. With its fit, high-quality fabric, and features specifically designed for the kitchen work environment, these pants are a great addition to create a complete and comfortable professional uniform.

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Data sheet

professional field
Hotel and Catering
Ice cream shop
White / Black
grammatura English: grammage
"Pattern" in English is "model" or "design" in Italian.
small paintings
"Classica" translates to "classic" in English.

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