Chef Hat Adjustable With Velcro 33 Colors


Chef's hat or cook's hat in 100% cotton in 33 different colors and patterns with a black, brown, blue, and white base.
-Brand EgoChef


An essential chef's hat in the kitchen, besides being mandatory, is an accessory that gives a neat and professional look, and in the colorful and patterned variant it adds a truly unique touch to your image.

Patterned hats can be matched with aprons, bandanas, triangles, pants, and various jackets. This way, you can give an original touch to your uniforms.

Product information:
- classic chef's hat in white, black, or patterned, an essential accessory for every chef.
- adjustable closure with a 6 cm high Velcro band, adaptable to every head.
- fabric: 100% cotton.
- weight: 190 g/m2.
- color: white with a thin stripe (piping) or patterned.
- size: one size fits all.
- fit: adjustable.
- users: cook, chef, head chef, pizza maker, home chef, street food cook, freelance chef.
- washing: machine washable.
- temperature: max 60
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Data sheet

professional field
Hotel and Catering
002P Black Piping
003P Bordeaux Piping
052A Colorado

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054A Sir
101A Chefwear
108A Spices
110A Flames
111A Artic
120A Skulls
121A Square
129A Pepper
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131A Tartan
132A Geko
133A Dino
135A Color skulls
136A Sweets
137A Puppies
139A Hearts
140A Hibiscus
142A Owls
143A Pop Art
144A Graphic
145A Bon Bon
147A PeaceAndLove
148A Mexico
149A Camouflage
150A Daisy
152A Gear
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