High Blue Suede Shoe with Nylon Inserts Density Safety Shoes S1 P


High Blue Suede Shoe with Nylon Inserts Two-density safety shoes S1 P. CE: EN20345 S1P SRC. Mod. PPRC663 Toledo Rossini

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Toledo high footwear. PPRC663

High professional work footwear with ankle boot design. CE certified: EN20345 S1P SRC

Product information:
- High shoe in blue suede leather, with nylon trim.
- Professional safety work footwear
- PPE CE: EN20345 S1P SRC S1 P
- Inner lining in grey and black.
- Padded tongue.
- Composite toe cap
- Non-metallic midsole.
- Anatomical insole.
- Perforated.
- With anti-shock heel.
- Removable
- Breathable and antistatic
- Dual-density polyurethane sole, made of two parts of different density, constructed from PU polyurethane.
- Good resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbons, but not to strong acids
- Sizes: 38/ 39/ 40/ 41/ 42/ 43/ 44/ 45/ 46/ 47
- Users: mason, technician, mechanic, installer, worker...
- Correct fit


use a sponge dampened with warm water, avoiding rubbing. In case there is a stubborn stain, a little white vinegar can be used. To remove rain stains, we recommend using a cotton ball with a bit of cleansing milk, always rubbing gently

- SOLE: For cleaning the sole, simple water is sufficient

The shoe is high and made of blue suede leather, with nylon trim for added resistance and durability.

It is professional safety footwear designed for work, complying with safety standards EN20345 S1P SRC.
The inner lining is grey and black, while the padded tongue provides comfort during use.
The shoe features a composite toe cap and non-metallic midsole to protect the foot from impacts and punctures.
The anatomical insole is perforated and removable, offering better breathability and customizable comfort.
The dual-density polyurethane sole is made of two parts with different densities, constructed from PU polyurethane. The sole provides good resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbons, but is not resistant to strong acids.
The footwear is available in sizes 38/39/40/41/42/43/44/45/46/47 and suitable for a variety of professions such as masons, technicians, mechanics, installers, and workers.
The fit is correct, offering comfortable and secure wear.

Reasons to buy this product:

Work Safety: The safety shoe complies with safety standards EN20345 S1P SRC, providing protection to the foot from impacts, crushes, and punctures. This is essential for those performing jobs with injury risks.

Comfort and Breathability: The inner lining, padded tongue, and perforated anatomical insole ensure optimal comfort during prolonged use. Breathability prevents moisture buildup and keeps the foot cool and dry even in demanding work conditions.

Resistance and Durability: The high-quality suede leather and nylon inserts give the shoe good wear resistance and long-lasting durability. This allows the footwear to withstand daily stresses in the workplace, ensuring long-lasting use.

Lightweight Protection: The composite toe cap and non-metallic midsole offer lightweight protection without compromising comfort. This is particularly advantageous for those requiring protection without adding excessive weight to the shoe.

Easy Cleaning: The suede leather shoe can be cleaned with a sponge dampened with warm water. White vinegar can be used for tough stains or cleansing milk for rain stains. Cleaning the sole only requires simple water.

Purchasing this professional safety shoe offers a combination of safety, comfort, resistance, and ease of cleaning. It protects the foot in the workplace, ensures a comfortable and durable fit, and can be easily maintained clean and ready for use.

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Category S1P SRC
"Classica" translates to "classic" in English.
Industry and maintenance
safety equipment

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