Long Black Kimono for Women Beautician Spa Wellness Center Stain-Resistant Super Dry Fabric


Kimono for Women's Client in Long Black Stain-Resistant Fabric. Super Dry Microfiber. Ideal for Hairdressers, Beauty Centers, and Wellness. Lightweight fabric.

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Long Black Kimono for Women Beauticians Spa Wellness Center Stain-Resistant Super Dry Fabric. Code: 006099

The Long Black Stain-Resistant Kimono for Women Customers is an elegant and functional garment designed specifically for wellness centers and spas.

It features a slightly V-neck design that adds a touch of femininity and comfort. The wrap-around button closure with front tie adds a refined and practical detail to the kimono, allowing for a secure and adjustable closure. The silhouette is fitted and flared, with a convenient pocket and long sleeves providing optimal coverage.

One of the strengths of this kimono is its ability to adapt to different sizes. It is offered in just two sizes: size M, suitable for sizes XS/S/M, and size XL, designed for sizes L/XL/XXL. This choice aims to simplify the size selection for customers, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit.

The fabric is made of 100% super dry microfiber polyester, known for its stain resistance and easy maintenance. The microfiber ensures a soft and silky feel on the skin, while also providing optimal breathability and maintaining the ideal body temperature.
The stain-resistant feature of the fabric makes cleaning the kimono an easy task, as many dye stains can be easily removed during washing. This fabric retains its beauty and integrity even after numerous wash cycles, ensuring long-lasting durability and high convenience. An interesting aspect is that hair tends to slide off the fabric, avoiding annoying cling.

Weighing 130 gr/m2, the kimono is lightweight and comfortable, ideal for the relaxation and well-being of customers during their experiences at thermal spas and wellness centers. In summary, the Long Black Stain-Resistant Kimono for Women Customers represents a high-quality and high-performance option to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Product Information:
- fabric: 100% Stain-Resistant Superdry Polyester
- weight: 130gr/m2
- color: black
- size: M, XL
- fit: very comfortable

Maintenance Instructions:
- washing: delicate wash with low agitation water
- temperature: max 40°

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professional field
"Pattern" in English is "model" or "design" in Italian.
solid color
type of sleeve
short sleeve
type of neckline
"Classica" translates to "classic" in English.

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