Promotional Baseball Cap Red Royal Blue Yellow White


Baseball Cap with Visor, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Light Blue.

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One size fits all classic and timeless Beret hat for men and women, made of excellent and durable 100% cotton fabric. It is suitable for completing uniforms for all types of jobs, in large and small establishments such as restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, pubs, and sandwich shops.

Description: Practical back closure with adjustable velcro, made up of 5 panels, with 4 tone-on-tone embroidered ventilation holes, reinforced front panel

Available Sizes: One size adjustable with lace and velcro

Fabric: 100% cotton
Color: Available in White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Royal Blue

Also Great as a Promotional Gadget
The Hat, Like All Our Items, Can Be Customized with Printing or Embroidery

Can be paired with matching t-shirts

Promotional Baseball Hat: A Stylish and Identifying Detail for Everyone
The promotional baseball hat is a timeless icon of style, functionality, and versatility. Available in a lively range of colors, including Red, Royal Blue, Yellow, White, and Light Blue, this visor hat not only offers a fashion accessory but also a way to express visual identity and promote your business.
Elegant and Practical Features:
One Size Fits All Adaptability: With an intelligent and adjustable design, the hat comfortably fits different head sizes. The back closure with velcro allows precise adjustment, while the lace and velcro ensure a secure fit.
Durable Quality: Made of 100% durable cotton, this hat is designed to last. The high-quality fabric withstands daily wear, maintaining its shape and appearance over time.
Iconic Baseball Style: With its typical 5-panel structure and reinforced front panel, this hat follows the classic design of baseball hats, which has become a recognizable and beloved icon worldwide.
Ventilation Holes: The 4 tone-on-tone embroidered ventilation holes ensure optimal air circulation, keeping the head cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.
Potential Users:
This promotional baseball hat is ideal for a wide range of sectors and activities. It is perfect for staff in restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, pubs, and sandwich shops, adding a touch of professionalism and uniformity to uniforms. Moreover, thanks to its promotional nature, it can be used as a giveaway at corporate events, fairs, or as a gift to customers.
Creative Customization:
A key advantage of this hat is its ability to be customized with printing or embroidery. This makes it an excellent tool for promoting the company's brand or event, creating a lasting visual appeal.
The promotional hat is much more than just an accessory. It is a way to add style, identity, and professionalism to various activities, from the restaurant sector to promotional events. With its durable construction, iconic design, and customization options, this hat stands out as an essential element for those seeking a touch of originality and visibility.
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Data sheet

professional field
Building Works
Ice cream shop
Technical work
Workers and industry
Royal Blue
"Pattern" in English is "model" or "design" in Italian.
solid color
"Classica" translates to "classic" in English.
Industry and maintenance
free time
safety equipment

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