Safety Shoes S3 Low Black with Biodensity Sole


Low Black Safety Shoe with Fluorescent Green Profiles in Water-repellent Leather CE: EN 20345 S3 SRC.
-Brand Rossini Tech


Product information:
- Low shoe in black nubuck effect, with green acid contrast profiles and inner lining
- Padded tongue for added comfort
- Composite toe cap for lightweight, high thermal insulation, and metal-free properties
- Removable anatomical insole, perforated (for better breathability) with anti-shock heel
- Dual-density polyurethane sole, made of two parts with different densities, consisting of PU polyurethane. It has good resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbons, but not to strong acids
- Color: black with green acid profiles
- Size: 38/ 39/ 40/ 41/ 42/ 43/ 44/ 45/ 46/ 47
- Comfortable fit
- Users: bricklayer, architect, laborer, worker, technician, warehouse worker, maintainer, electrician, mechanic...


- LEATHER SHOES: Use a sponge dampened with hot water, avoiding rubbing. If there is a stain that is more stubborn than others, a little white vinegar can be used. To remove rain stains, we recommend using a cotton ball with a bit of cleansing milk, always rubbing gently

- SOLE: Simply use water to clean the sole

The Rockford low shoe is a safety footwear designed to provide protection and comfort to anyone working in industrial environments or situations where foot safety is essential. These shoes combine advanced safety features with high-quality materials, ensuring that workers can perform their activities safely and comfortably.

Detailed description:

The black low safety footwear with fluorescent green profiles is a garment designed to ensure maximum protection in demanding work environments. The design features and selected materials contribute to creating footwear that combines safety and comfort.

Nubuck effect: The footwear features a black nubuck effect, which not only provides an elegant look but also offers resistance to wear.

Contrasting internal lining: The black and acid green internal lining not only adds a touch of color but also provides comfort to the foot during use.

Padded tongue: The padded tongue ensures additional comfort, reducing friction and pressure on the foot.

Composite toe cap: The composite toe cap provides lightweight to the footwear, while ensuring high thermal insulation and compliance with safety requirements.

Non-metallic plate: The non-metallic plate in the sole protects the feet from possible punctures without adding weight to the footwear.

Perforated anatomical insole: The perforated anatomical insole, for better breathability, offers comfort and cushioning during use. The anti-shock heel reduces impact on the foot.

Dual-density polyurethane sole: The sole is made of dual-density polyurethane, which offers good resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbons. However, it is not resistant to strong acids.

Potential users:

The low safety footwear is suitable for a wide range of professions and sectors where foot safety is essential. Here are some examples of who could benefit from this item:

  • Construction and industrial workers, such as bricklayers, laborers, technicians, and workers.
  • Professionals requiring safety protection without compromising comfort, such as warehouse workers, maintainers, and electricians.
  • Machinery and equipment operators, such as mechanics and industrial plant operators.

The black low safety footwear with fluorescent green profiles is an ideal solution for those seeking a balance between protection and comfort in work environments. Thanks to its safety features and high-quality materials, this footwear is a reliable option for anyone facing demanding work environments.

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Data sheet

professional field
Building Works
Technical work
Workers and industry
Category S3 SRC
"Pattern" in English is "model" or "design" in Italian.
with contrasting inserts
"Classica" translates to "classic" in English.
Industry and maintenance
safety equipment

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