Triangle for Cook or Assistant Cook for White Kitchen or Pizzeria


Cotton White Triangle for Cook or Kitchen Assistant in a Pizzeria. Absorbs Sweat. Accessory to Complete the Cook's Uniform or Kitchen Brigade.

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Cotton Sweat Absorbing Triangle. Item 089000
Thanks to the triangles, caps, and bandanas, hair loss will be prevented and hygiene in the kitchen or preparation laboratory will be extreme.
This garment is important and essential for those who want to demonstrate their hygiene and professionalism with elegance.
The triangle is an accessory that complements the professional uniform, it is one of the most important combinations to present oneself impeccably to the public. It may seem like a superficial detail, but customers, who are increasingly demanding, will surely notice it.
Product details:
- color: solid white
- weight: 180 gr
- fabric: 100% cotton
- washing: delicate washing with reduced agitation
- temperature: max 60

In the world of cooking, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. Chefs, cooks, and pizza makers are constantly looking for practical accessories that can add a touch of style to their uniform.

The wearable triangle around the neck is a practical accessory that offers chefs, cooks, and pizza makers a series of functional advantages. Usually made of stain and heat-resistant fabric, the neck triangle can be used as a lifesaver to protect clothing from splashes or stains during food preparation.

In addition to its functionality, the wearable neck triangle also offers an opportunity to express personal style and the identity of the kitchen professional. Available in a variety of colors, designs, and prints, the neck triangle allows chefs, cooks, and pizza makers to add a touch of originality to their uniform. This accessory can also represent the brand or logo of a restaurant or pizzeria, helping to create a consistent and professional image. The neck triangle becomes a distinctive element that enhances the aesthetic appearance of kitchen staff.

The use of the neck triangle as a work accessory not only affects the appearance and practicality of the kitchen professional but can also have a positive effect on the customer experience. When a chef or pizza maker wears an elegant and well-maintained neck triangle, they convey an image of professionalism, cleanliness, and attention to detail. This can help build trust and appreciation from diners, enhancing the overall dining experience.

The wearable neck triangle represents a functional and stylish accessory for chefs, cooks, and pizza makers. In addition to its practical utility, the neck triangle offers an opportunity to express personal style and a unique identity in the kitchen. Whether it's protecting clothing from splashes or drying hands, the neck triangle proves to be a reliable and versatile companion for kitchen professionals.

Furthermore, the use of the neck triangle has a significant impact on the professional image and overall customer experience. Attention to detail and a well-groomed appearance resulting from wearing an elegant triangle convey a sense of competence and seriousness. Customers appreciate the clean and professional appearance of chefs and pizza makers, and this can positively influence the perception of the quality of dishes and service provided.

Finally, the neck triangle can also serve as a branding tool for restaurants and pizzerias. The ability to personalize the triangle with the business's brand or logo helps create a consistent and recognizable image. This contributes to solidifying the restaurant's identity and differentiating it from the competition.

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professional field
Hotel and Catering
"Pattern" in English is "model" or "design" in Italian.
solid color

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