White Scaffolding Helmet Uvex Designed for Various Attachments


Scaffolding Helmet Uvex Leading Brand In The Sector Model UVEX PHEOS B-S-WR 9772/031.

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Helmet Suitable for construction work, the helmet is equipped with 3 closable ventilation openings.
It has the possibility to attach various products such as visor systems, earmuffs, and lamps.
The visor is reduced for better upward visibility.
One of the advantages of this product is that it provides protection at extremely low temperatures (-30°C). MM = resistance to molten metal (splashes).

The helmet is adjustable, in fact, the headband is very practical with a ratchet adjustment, internal suspension in fabric with 6 pins. It has a wide anti-sweat band for greater stability.

Thanks to the very practical ratchet adjustment, it can fit head sizes from 52 cm to 61 cm
Code: R440 CE: EN 397:2012+A1:2012

The White Scaffolding Helmet represents an important safety solution for workers in the construction sector. This helmet, produced by the renowned leading brand Uvex, model UVEX PHEOS B-S-WR 9772/031, is designed to provide reliable and versatile protection in work environments that require special safety measures.

This scaffolding helmet has been developed with special attention to detail to ensure optimal protection and lasting comfort during use. Equipped with 3 closable ventilation openings, the helmet ensures adequate air circulation to reduce the risk of overheating during work activities. This feature is essential, especially in construction work that is often carried out in hot and strenuous environments.

The provision for attaching various products, such as visors, earmuffs, and lamps, makes this helmet extremely versatile and adaptable to the specific needs of workers. The reduced visor helps improve upward visibility, allowing greater control of the surrounding environment.

Another advantage of this product is its ability to provide protection even at extremely low temperatures, down to -30°C. This means that workers can continue to work in adverse weather conditions without compromising their safety and well-being.

The helmet is highly adjustable to fit different head sizes. The internal headband with ratchet adjustment and the internal suspension with 6 pins allow for precise and comfortable closure. It can fit head sizes ranging from 52 cm to 61 cm, ensuring that the helmet accommodates a wide range of workers.

Compliance with safety standards is of paramount importance in this type of product. The scaffolding helmet Uvex complies with CE standards: EN 397:2012+A1:2012, attesting to its reliability and suitability for use in work environments that require adequate protection.

Who might need this item? Primarily, all those who work in the construction sector, especially when involved in scaffolding activities, high-rise construction, or work involving head risks. This helmet is an excellent choice for construction workers, masons, scaffolders, carpenters, and all those engaged in similar activities. Additionally, the helmet could be adopted by workers in other sectors that require robust and versatile head protection.

The Scaffolding Helmet is a product designed to offer advanced protection and optimal comfort to those operating in demanding work environments. Its compliance with safety regulations, along with its versatility and design details, make it a valuable addition to the safety equipment of those working in the construction sector and other related environments.

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