Fireproof Leather and Suede Welder Gaiters Over Shoes CE


Fireproof Leather and Split Leather Welder's Leggings: Certified EN 11611 Protection, Made in Italy - Ideal for Welding Environments

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Fireproof Leather and Suede Welder Spats - Certified Protection EN 11611, Made in Italy

Our welder spats are designed to provide maximum protection against thermal and mechanical risks such as abrasion and cutting. Made of high-quality leather and suede crafted in Italy, these spats are essential for safety in any welding environment.

Product Features:
High-Quality Materials: Leather and suede crafted in Italy, known for their resistance and durability.
Certified Protection: Compliant with EN ISO 11611:2015 Class 2 A1 and EN ISO 13688:2013 standards, ensuring reliable protection against heat and molten metal splashes.
Practical Design: Easy to wear thanks to the Velcro closure, providing a secure and quick fit, ideal for dynamic work environments.
Versatility: Available in 30 cm size, suitable for effectively covering the lower part of the leg.

Why Choose Our Welder Spats?
These spats not only protect against sparks and heat during welding but also provide a barrier against abrasions and cuts, thanks to their robust composition. They are the ideal choice for professional welders seeking the best balance between safety and comfort.

Recommended Applications:
Ideal for use in workshops, construction sites, or laboratories where welding is frequent. For optimal protection, it is recommended to combine the spats with other protective leather and suede garments.

Maintenance Tips:
Our spats are designed to be durable but require care to maintain their protective properties. Clean them with a damp cloth and store them in a dry place to preserve the quality of the leather.

Buy your welder spats now from our e-commerce store and ensure maximum protection during your work. The quality and reliability of Made in Italy will accompany you throughout your workday.

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