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Black High Polish Leather with Red Contrast Stitching with Metatarsal and CE Plate. Footwear recommended for welders. S3 M HRO SRC
-Brand Rossini Design

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Product Information:
- Leather tongue with soft padding for added comfort.
- Quick removal
- Steel toe cap and anti-puncture plate for increased protection of the toe and sole of the foot.
- Ankle padding for enhanced comfort.
- Removable insole, antistatic, antifungal, antibacterial, breathable, hand washable.
- Nitrile rubber sole, antistatic, anti-abrasion, oil resistant, slip resistant, heat resistant.
- CE: EN ISO 20345:2011
- S3 M HRO SRC- This certification falls under the S3 category, meaning a shoe with a toe cap as described above, heel cap, with antistatic properties, dynamic waterproofing, and anti-puncture insole.
- Color: black with red stitching and black sole
- Sizes: 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47
- Full-grain leather.
- Black color

The Trivor footwear is a high work shoe, specifically designed to meet the needs of welders. This footwear offers a combination of safety, comfort, and durability, ideal for those working in demanding welding environments. In addition to advanced safety features, this shoe features an eye-catching design with red details that add a stylish touch.

Detailed Description:

Padded leather tongue: The padded leather tongue provides superior comfort during wear, reducing friction on the top of the foot.
Quick removal: The footwear design allows for quick removal, enhancing practicality during use.
Steel toe cap and anti-puncture plate: The footwear is equipped with a steel toe cap that offers extra protection for the toe. The additional anti-puncture plate protects the sole of the foot from possible punctures.
Ankle padding: Additional ankle padding ensures extra comfort and support during use.
Removable insole: The removable insole is antistatic, antifungal, antibacterial, and breathable. It is hand washable, allowing for easy hygiene maintenance.
Nitrile rubber sole: The nitrile rubber sole offers a range of beneficial properties, including antistatic, anti-abrasion, oil resistance, slip resistance, and heat resistance. This sole is designed to handle various surfaces and working conditions.
CE Certification: The shoe is certified according to the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard, belonging to the S3 M HRO SRC category. This indicates a shoe with a steel toe cap and anti-puncture plate, heel cap, antistatic properties, dynamic waterproofing, and anti-puncture insole.
Color and size: The footwear is available in black with red stitching and black sole. Sizes range from 38 to 47.
Material: Made of high-quality full-grain leather, this shoe not only provides protection but also has an elegant appearance.
Potential Users:
This work shoe is particularly suitable for welders, but can also be useful in other situations where foot protection is a priority. Some examples of professionals who could benefit from this shoe include:

  • Welders and workers in related fields.
  • Mechanics and technicians requiring foot protection during their activities.
  • Workers in industrial and construction environments requiring advanced protection and lasting comfort.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

To clean these shoes, it is advisable to use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt. For persistent stains, a damp, gentle cloth with a mild detergent can be used. It is important not to fully immerse the shoes in water. After cleaning, allow them to air dry in a well-ventilated area, away from direct heat sources. Keep the leather moisturized with specific products to preserve its appearance and durability over time.

Ongoing Maintenance and Care:

To ensure that shoes maintain their performance and last over time, it is important to follow some maintenance practices:
Regular Inspection: Check the shoes for any signs of wear, damage, or detached parts. This will help detect any issues promptly and take preventive measures.
Regular Cleaning: Regularly remove dust and dirt from the surface of the shoes. Regular cleaning preserves the aesthetic appearance and prevents the accumulation of abrasive particles.
Proper Drying: After using the shoes in damp conditions, make sure to let them dry completely before storing them. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or high heat sources, as this could damage the leather and other materials.
Proper Storage: Store the shoes in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources and humidity. Use a shoe stretcher if necessary to maintain the shape and fit.
Leather Treatment: To preserve the leather, you can apply specific creams or conditioners for leather. These products help keep the leather soft and elastic.
Insole Replacement: If the removable insoles wear out, you can replace them with replacement insoles to ensure proper comfort and support.

The high work shoe with a steel anti-puncture toe cap is an excellent choice for welders and anyone looking for protective, durable, and comfortable footwear for demanding work activities. Thanks to its advanced features and safety certification, this shoe offers protection against various risks present in industrial work environments. With proper maintenance and care, these shoes can maintain their performance and last long, providing comfort and protection to the wearer.

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Data sheet

professional field
Building Works
Technical work
Workers and industry
Category S3 M HRO SRC
"Classica" translates to "classic" in English.
Industry and maintenance
safety equipment

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