Low S3 Safety Shoe with Steel Anti-puncture Toe Cap Work Footwear 36-47


Low black leather safety footwear with orange stitching. PPE item for the protection of the lower limbs. S3 safety shoes.
Panama low S3 SRC footwear -Brand Rossini Design


Product Information:
Sturdy and efficient low shoe in black color, suitable for construction sites or for use in workshops or warehouses, falls under personal protective equipment.
Low shoe with a composite toe cap, with a steel and anti-drilling plate, providing greater robustness to the structure.
Features a removable, breathable, and antistatic insole.
The sole is oil-resistant, slip-resistant, and antistatic, providing greater comfort while walking, made of dual-density polyurethane. This makes the fit even more comfortable and secure.
The material of the footwear is made of leather.
Furthermore, all stitches are in a contrasting color (Orange).
Also includes a padded tongue, ankle padding, and finally, an inner lining in orange color.
- Color: Black
- Material: Leather
- CE: EN 20345 S3. This certification falls under the S3 category, therefore, the shoe has a toe cap as described above, a heel cap, with antistatic properties, dynamic waterproofing, and anti-puncture insole.
- Available Colors: Black with Orange stitches and lining
- Sizes: 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 - correct fit


- LEATHER SHOES: Use a damp sponge with warm water, avoiding rubbing. If there is a stain that is more stubborn than others, you can use a little white vinegar. To remove rain stains, we recommend using a cotton ball with a bit of cleansing milk, always rubbing gently.

- SOLE: Cleaning the sole is as simple as using water.

The low S3 safety shoe with an anti-drilling steel toe cap is an excellent choice for those working in high-risk environments. This robust black leather shoe with orange stitching provides superior protection for the lower limbs and is designed to ensure safety and comfort during work activities.

One of the key features of this shoe is the composite toe cap with an anti-drilling steel plate, offering exceptional resistance to impacts and puncture risks. This ensures reliable protection even in dangerous work situations such as construction sites, workshops, or warehouses.

The footwear features a removable breathable and antistatic insole, which helps keep the feet dry and comfortable throughout the workday. The dual-density polyurethane sole is oil-resistant, slip-resistant, and antistatic, ensuring a secure and stable grip on various surfaces.

The quality of the footwear is evident from its leather composition, providing a sense of durability and longevity. The orange contrast stitching adds a stylish touch to the shoe, while the padded tongue and ankle padding ensure optimal comfort.

This footwear complies with the EN 20345 S3 standard, ensuring the presence of a protective toe cap, a cap in the heel area, antistatic properties, dynamic waterproofing, and anti-puncture insole. This certification confirms the quality and reliability of the shoe in terms of safety.

Regarding maintenance, leather shoes can be cleaned using a damp sponge with warm water, avoiding rubbing. In case of persistent stains, it is recommended to use a little white vinegar or cleansing milk. The sole can be cleaned simply with water.

The low S3 safety shoe with an anti-drilling steel toe cap is an excellent choice for those who require protection and comfort during work. With its advanced safety features, high-quality materials, and appealing design, this footwear will meet the needs of professionals operating in high-risk environments.

A work shoe with an S3 certification offers advanced protection for the lower limbs in high-risk work environments. Here are some typical features of an S3 certified shoe:

Protective Toe Cap: An S3 shoe is equipped with a protective toe cap that can be made of various materials, such as steel or composite. This toe cap is designed to withstand impacts and protect the toes from falling objects or compression.

Anti-perforation insole: An anti-perforation insole inserted inside the sole provides protection against the risk of puncture from sharp objects on the ground. This insole is made of durable materials, such as steel or other composite materials.

Water and moisture resistance: An S3 footwear is designed to be waterproof or at least water-resistant. This is important in work environments where exposure to liquids or constant moisture is common.

Antistatic properties: S3 footwear is equipped with antistatic properties to reduce the accumulation of electrostatic charges. This is particularly important in environments where the presence of flammable substances could cause fires or explosions.

Oil and hydrocarbon resistance: The sole of S3 footwear offers resistance to oils and hydrocarbons, reducing the risk of slipping on surfaces contaminated with such substances.

Abrasion and tear resistance: S3 footwear is designed to resist abrasion and tearing, ensuring greater durability and strength over time.

Comfort and stability: S3 footwear usually features characteristics that provide comfort and stability during use, such as adequate cushioning, a slip-resistant sole, and a good fit.

Certifications for work footwear follow international standards, such as the EN 20345 standard for safety footwear. The S3 certification complies with this standard and indicates that the footwear meets the specified safety requirements, providing advanced protection for the lower limbs.

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Data sheet

professional field
Building Works
Technical work
Workers and industry
Category S3 SRC
"Pattern" in English is "model" or "design" in Italian.
Contrasting stitching
solid color
"Classica" translates to "classic" in English.
Industry and maintenance
safety equipment

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