Elegant Black Shoe with Laces for Hotels, Drivers, and Schools from size 38 to 47


Professional men's lace-up footwear. Slip-resistant, antistatic for hotel sector, porterage, concierge, drivers, and service in the dining room.


Black Lace-Up Moccasin Shoe for Hotels, Drivers, Professional Schools. Sturdy Footwear. Code. 112301 Director Black.

The professional men's lace-up footwear for the hotel, porterage, concierge, drivers, and service in the dining room sector is designed to offer an optimal mix of elegance, comfort, and robustness. Characterized by a refined style, the shoe is ideal for representative uniforms, giving a professional image to the staff.

Its sturdy construction makes it suitable for various roles, including waiters serving tables in bars and restaurants, hotel staff, drivers, and service members. The presence of laces not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures a secure and adaptable fit.

Among the main features, the shoe is equipped with a reinforced two-component sole, designed to ensure resistance and durability over time. The sole is also designed to be slip-resistant, offering secure traction on different surfaces. Features such as acid and static resistance provide additional levels of safety, particularly important in specific work environments such as those in the HO.RE.CA. sector.

The shoe is known for its breathability, ensuring extended comfort even during long workdays. This feature is particularly appreciated in sectors where professionals are constantly on the move.

The widespread use of this footwear in Italian hotel and hospitality schools emphasizes its reliability and adaptability to the needs of the sector. Furthermore, the ongoing production and the presence of certifications testify to the commitment to guarantee high standards of quality and safety to protect the worker. The combination of elegant design, advanced functionality, and appropriate certifications makes this footwear a recommended choice for those operating in the specified sectors.

Colors: Black

Available Sizes: US 5, US 6, US 7, US 8, US 9, US 10, US 11, US 12, US 13, US 14

General notes:
- footwear specifically designed for men.
- normal fit.
- with laces.
- antistatic sole.
- slip-resistant sole.
- breathable.
- heel with two-component heel.
- very sturdy footwear.
- continuous production.
- certified footwear.
- oil resistant.

1000 Items

Data sheet

professional field
Healthcare professional
Hotel and Catering
Household chores and cleaning
Ice cream shop
"Pattern" in English is "model" or "design" in Italian.
solid color
"From the living room"
free time
safety equipment

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